The Flicker of Truth


July 15, 2014


This new age flickers

Off the wings of a bee

The Queen arises judiciously

Sweeping clean the King’s polluted feet


Expressing the depths of Her darkness

The purpose of the Queen’s flight

Is to birth an illuminating light

Thus is the new King revealed to our sight





Driven To Write

Goddess Creating

Goddess Creating

December 26, 2010

I am driven to write

I simply can’t see straight

For I’ m driven to write


Nobody reads

Or takes me seriously

Yet I am driven to write


Rewards, they say,

Increase the probability

Of behaving a certain way


Then why, dear B.S. Skinner

Do I continue to write

Regardless what you say?


Control of behavior

A tyrant’s greed


What of an inner urge

Not giving a rat’s ass

About theories presented by thee

that shall ultimately pass gas.



Sleeping Beauty! Awaken!


Ah, yes, to be food for thought is to be seminal.  Semen means food, you see.

The true purpose of poetry is meditation and meditation is sexual.  Communication is intercourse.  Sexuality is life.  The fact of life is sex.  The Sun sends His rays upon the Earth as he sails in the womb of space containing the stars of the milky way.

Who am I but a lover? Who are you but a lover? Together we engage in this Lover’s Dance. And what is the purpose of our lovemaking if not to conceive?

Sleeping Beauty



In our dark depth

There is a secret

Eternally untold


We hide from this knowing

For in it we die


We, the slumbering fools….

….sleeping beauties

Waiting impatiently

the impassioned kiss of the Prince.

A freeing senual dance

A freeing senual dance