Truth’s Revenge

This poem goes after standardization in our lives


Truth’s Revenge.


The Darkness of Lies

Battered Woman

Battered Woman



Speak only the darkness of lies.

Enslave the creative woman

With the threat she poses

fondling your death in her hands


Die, slumbering blubbering fool!

For 10,000 years you have lied

On the death beds of the masses

Telling them: The birth maiden has died


Enslaved on your back

The masses shake in shallow sleep

This nightmarish jail trembles

Shattered, unknowing freedom is deep.





The Lover’s Path Home: Birthing a Spirituality Beyond Talk

Talk is cheap!  What woman wants a man who is all talk?

One of the greatest spiritual poems ever written was Shiller’s Ode to Joy, which were put to music by Beethoven in his 9th symphony. The opening lines go as such:

Joy, thou source of light immortal,
Daughter of Elysium!
Touched with fire, to the portal,
Of thy radiant shrine, we come.
Your sweet magic, frees all others,
Held in custom’s rigid rings,
All men on earth become brothers,
In the haven of your wings.

Elysium means peace. Joy is the Daughter of Peace! Mm, Jerusalem when seen in the ground of its origins means “Place (Jeru) of Peace (Salem, Shalom).” Yes, Jerusalem as a Goddess is not a war torn city in the Middle East. And, oh, my, She is not a prude follower of some idea entrenched teacher sitting on a harsh church bench in the worship of a theology. What is any “ology” if not the philosophical meanderings of a rational or rationed mind.

Ah, but then the term, “Philosophy” breaks down into “Lover of Sophia,” Lover of Wisdom. Who wants a sweetheart who is all talk?

Then, there is the line in Proverbs where it is said of the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, or, in Greek, Sophia Episteme or in Hebrew Hockmah Binah that all Her ways are peace.   Is Understanding the way of Peace? Isn’t there something comforting, or peaceful, when someone understands us?

Under-stands?! Stand under? Be with, not above? God under-stands us? God is standing under us?

Sophia Episteme is “touched with FIRE!” The fire of what? Passion? Could it be that passion is in not being rationed! Yes, all of our theories, theologies, philosophies, etc are a way in which our minds are rationed. This is what happens when we become rational. We become rationed. It’s better to be relational than rational for in being relational, we link with the greater mind of Nature. Being linked with the All, we are no longer rationed or rational. Thus, we are not shattered into pieces!

Then, becoming whole, we can shout with Shiller:

All men on earth become brothers,

In the haven of your wings.

Being in unity is being beyond the rationing of rationalism.

One other thing, isn’t it Jerusalem who descends to Christ as the Bride at the end of Revelations?

No longer is She a war torn city in the Middle East. Rather, She is the key to peace. More than that, She is peace. Jeru-Salem. Thus, through Her a violent Christ is subdued upon Her breast.

Ah, what a Goddess is Joy! “Her sweet magic frees us, held in custom’s rigid rings!”

Custom’s rigid rings!? Shiller?! Do you mean to say that our customs are rigid? Are we to get past ourselves? I’ve been through 60 years of corporate education and I’m to throw it all away? Is this the reason I have dementia? I’m to forget it all? Throw it all away?

Dear God, man! If the Man hears this, my ass might be hanging on a cross alongside Jesus Christ. Yes, an image just came to mind when He looked over at me on my cross and said, “I told you so.”

And what of this “All men on Earth become brothers?” Well, Salem of Jerusalem is related to the Hebrew Shalom, meaning Peace. Jerusalem means “Place of Peace.” Elysium is Jerusalem and Jerusalem is Shalom!

Then, backing this up, there is the Bible’s Book of Hagia Sophia where it is said of Sophia, “All Her ways are Peace.” Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding is Peace. Sit with that for a while. Can we end war and conflict by understanding.

And who descends from Heaven at the “end of time”; if not Jerusalem dressed as the Bride of Christ.   Is this, perhaps, the end of our current epoch that many call the Kali Yuga or Dark Age? Could Peace truly be our future?

Could it be?   Maybe? “Yea or Nay; what you say matters.” The Word is truly made flesh, in you and me. In Freudian psychology, it’s kind of like the idea of projection. We project our thoughts and beliefs onto the world and set up self-fulfilling prophecies. “And the Word is made flesh” of the Bible’s John 1:14 is true in much deeper ways than what you realize.

So what if we worked on our thoughts? Do we have to continue to succumb to corporate education? Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching helps us here when he says, “be newborn; be free of yourself.” In other words, be deconditioned. NOT reconditioned. Deconditioned. This is an important distinction. We can’t keep getting stuck in the same ole tracks.

Moving on! Later in the poem, Shiller takes a defiant stance towards Jerusalem when he sings, “O Heavenly born Goddess, we invade thy Halidum.”

Oh, ye embolden Shiller! Your kiss of Peace allows us to let go of our idealisms that lead to warring conflicts. Dare we get past those who are all talk and instead snuggle to the stillness of a passionate lover? Do we truly want to engage in a war regarding whether or not we should suckle the left breast or the right? When suckling, we just enter a state of delight! An infant stops screaming at the breast and just silently slurps to his heart’s content.

Is this the new world order that moves us past the likes of George Bush and Barack Obama? Is freedom in our cards? Can we evolve into something great?

What you say is imperative to all of us. We are the key to the evolution of our species. Not Obama, not Bush. Nor is our Fate in the hands of the Corporations. It is in our hands AND in the hands of the entire universe. We can dissolve the Corporations simply by empowering ourselves. No longer does Eve (read the labor classes) have to be subservient to an abusive Adam (read corporations and their underling government).

And, as the rock – n – roller Elvis Costello sings, “What is so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding.” “All Her Ways are Peace” says the Bible’s “Book of Hagia Sophia”. And who is She in the English translations other than Wisdom AND Understanding.