Truth’s Revenge

This poem goes after standardization in our lives


Truth’s Revenge.


Truth’s Revenge





Air saturated with corporate chemicals
contain stinky scents of demolished particles
our deathly breath mirrors this poisonous essence
the problem is hopeless….no need for resistance.

Regimented machines notoriously fuss
As standardized minds become routinely published
Monoculture streams loudly scream and curse
At demands conceived by Fathers’ arrogance

Hence with polished toenails and cars roaring “zoom-zoom”
We inseminate this deathly dream of doom and gloom
Thusly, faithfully, we generate our deathly Fate…
The eternal placement of a standardized state.



The Darkness of Lies

Battered Woman

Battered Woman



Speak only the darkness of lies.

Enslave the creative woman

With the threat she poses

fondling your death in her hands


Die, slumbering blubbering fool!

For 10,000 years you have lied

On the death beds of the masses

Telling them: The birth maiden has died


Enslaved on your back

The masses shake in shallow sleep

This nightmarish jail trembles

Shattered, unknowing freedom is deep.