Sabattus. Maine

Bio: I am a writer. I write regularly for OEN News and am just now beginning my own blog. I have a book via Amazon titled, "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature" I am working on publishing a sequel, "Lover's Path Home," which gets into our spiritual evolution by speaking to our lives via the use of the story by Baum, "The Wizard of Oz." I am currently working towards publishing another book titled, "Lover's Path Home." This is a much more laid back writing than "Sophia's Web." Its not quite as academic as "Sophia's Web (though Sophia's Web can be quite poetic). My goal is to empower the reader. Indeed, the "Bible's" "Book of Hagia Sophia" (taken out of the King James version) states She pervades and permeates this entire world. I am retired on disability. I have 2 major diseases, Chrones and Alzhimers. Chrones is painful. I write avidly to keep my brain activated and hopefully will diminish the effects of the disease. In my work life, I counseled people. Most of my work was in-home with 2 primary populations: (1) mentally ill adults and (2) children at-risk for out-of=home placement due to criminal behaviors, mental illness both for the child and her parents. I am a writer, though not great at marketing. Its a shame, for" Sophia's Web" and the upcoming "Lover's Path Home" are powerful. They are powerful for it allows the reader to move beyond traditional churches as institution and into our own hearts. My wife, Merry, has a book out titled, "Bringing Food Home: The Maine Example". In my opinion, this book speaks to a movement that could help diminish our dependence on corporations. Indeed, re-empowering the reader is my major objective. Regarding Sophia, the Wisdom of God. Well, ultimately, you can't really find Her. The reason being, She is what is looking both on cellular levels and cosmic. So, could this work help diminish the pain of alienation? When we gaze into the nighttime sky, could we begin to see that the space between the stars in the cosmos is the same proportion as our atoms fly about our bodies.

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