The Sensuous Horrifying Language of Mythology in Awakening

Regarding mythology, I have heard people say, “Oh, its just a myth”.  “Just a myth?” I wonder!  I don’t see it that way.  I do not fit into a Senior Citizen’s level class of the conventionally conditioned mindset.   I never was one who was happy with B.F. Skinner’s notion of our being conditioned robots who are addicted to rewards and, with some, punishment.

Hey, some people love a firm spanking from time to time. It turns them on sexually.  Whatever floats your boat.  Just don’t dump it on me.  I’m not into being spanked.  Love and intimacy is for me, not torture chambers!

The old rock band U2 spoke beautifully to my thesis when they sang in Sunday, Bloody Sunday, “And it’s true we are immune; When fact is fiction and TV reality”

I do disagree a little bit with their logic, while also saying “its not that black and white, guys.”   Fiction can actually be very true at its core.   And, yes, I love the song. If you know Bono or the Edge, send them this article.

Lets consider the Dracula or Vampire story.  Obviously, most of us do not believe in literal vampires.   I am about to tell you the story is for real.  Perhaps Bono or “The Edge” will read this?  Fiction and Non-Fiction are married as one.  Fiction (the Yin, e.g., creativity) is Fact (Yang, e.g., logic).

If you know Bono and/or The Edge, send him this article!  I would love to know their response. 🙂

Lets consider our lifestyles and industries.  What are the consequences of their being to the environment?  What are we doing to our environment by using fossil fuels?  Isn’t the goal of a corporation is to foster unlimited profits?  Isn’t never ending growth the definition of a cancer?  Yes, it is.  Cancer is growth gone wild.

Are we cells in a cancerous tumor?  Is this a reason cancer is so prevalent in our culture?  I’m not arguing on a literal level.  I am thinking metaphor, which

Epistemologist Gregory Baetson referred to as the language that connects. 

And what is a vampire’s quest?  Isn’t it about suck the life’s blood out of its victim?   Old Dracula will suck you dry!   He’s got to have more, you know.  I wonder about why vampires can’t come out in the daytime.  Is that because they can’t take the “sunshine of Truth?”  How does that fit into our politicians and corporations?  Have you ever been around a person who was “sucking you dry?” How many of us work several hours per day to make our money?  I realize I’m overgeneralizing, and their are businesses that are caring about their consumers and workers.  So, please realize that I realize I am speaking a fallacious argument.

The beauty of myth is to speak in metaphor.  Anthropologist and and systems theorist, Gregory Baetson, stated that metaphor is a language that connects.  Thus speaks to connections, Baetson asks the reader, What pattern connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose and all the four of them to me?  And me to you?

What connects you, the reader, to me the writer?  How does Baetson’s words connect to these words I am writing, to my readings, and the reader’s interest or lack thereof in what I am saying.   How will reading this affect you?   Will you dump it and forget it?  Well you share it?  Do you love it?  Do you hate what I’m saying?  Do you sometimes feel alienated?  Why do we humans oftentimes feel alienated?  Are we out of touch with Nature, both within and without us?

What shall we do about it?  Scare Dracula with a cross, a sign of holiness?  A wooden dagger in the monster’s chest?  Or do we simply stop being sexually excited by the monster’s quest for your lifeblood.

As a consumer nation, aren’t we all sucking the blood of the Earth?

Who are the vampires in your life?  Who sucks your energy? The government, your husband or wife?  Your next door neighbor?  Your boss?

Why do we continue sticking our necks out to have our blood sucked dry?

How do we get off this “Merry Go Round”?  “Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows!”   Lets get past this going nowhere!   “Let there be human evolution” shall be our quest.  What does that look like to you?








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