Awakening to Evil: Can We Foster Our Empowerment.

I believe there are people awakening to the evil that has taken over this world, i.e., Trump, Hilary, Congress, Supreme Court, etc.

Our comatose living has been our reality for at least the past 4-8 thousand years (i.e., the beginning of civilization). Its about all of Nature that we bow to, and that includes OUR Essence.   Essence, in turn, speaks to the Lord with the name Yahweh (I AM, Hebrew)) and Brahmin (The Self, Indian).

Thus Jackie and Jack’s essence is her Self. This is actually the meaning of belly dances and striptease…..these dances are spiritual and are meant to reveal who we truly are in our essence. Women are mostly those who strip, but who is fundamental to our birth if not women? Could the striptease or belly dance speak to all of us?

It is time for an evolution, not a revolution. A revolution keeps us stuck. An evolution helps us to…..well, evolve….thus it is called an evolution. A revolution is like a spinning tire stuck in the mud..

Those who don’t realize evolution are anti-Christ because Jesus was originally seen as the evolutionary potential of all. Our lack of evolving is due to our surrender to the “Man”, i.e., Adam who is ruling over all of us. It is time we fired these people and stop getting “kicked in the backside.”

Its time we say “NO MORE!”  So, when you pray, tell God you say, “No MORE!”  He/She will listen….Why? because He/She is what’s listening in the depths of your being.


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