Trump, Russia and our Lives: Where Are We Going?

Lets empower ourselves during this time of Trump, who is nothing more nor less than a being that speaks to the arrogance of the rich. Isn’t it time we knew ourselves and empower ourselves and all of Nature?

Empowerment By and For All

My main disappointment in the last election was that Putin would demean himself to foster a Trump…..but then, I realized, if Putin wants an America on its knees, Trump will do it for them.

No bombs are needed as well as no espionage or spies. Its all free! Russia doesn’t have to bomb anybody, or create a war! Trump will lead us to destruction all by himself, and like lemming rats, we are running over over cliff due to our leader leading us there.

That’s where we are headed, over the cliff in following Obamas, Trumps, Clintons, Bushes, etc.

A lot of “New Agers” tell me I should get my mind off this. I will not! I believe that our actions here and now affect future generations. Thus I say to the New Agers, “NO, because I believe it is WE that need to speak up and empower ourselves.”…

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