The Metaphor of Gender: Human Sexuality and God’s Essence


When you gaze into the term “Nature”, what do you perceive? Do you think of the streams, storms, volcanoes, stars, moon, and even empty space regarding Nature?  Do you also say, “Its not my Nature to dislike people”?

What do I mean by this? Am I actually saying Nature is also your “essence”?”

Who are you?  What is within your Self? Isn’t your Self also your Nature? Is Nature thus speaking of our essence as well as the essence of birds, bees and coconut trees? For example, don’t you have veins and arteries that like streams and rivers carry food to different parts of your body?

Isn’t this how you are able to survive? Dare you gaze into the stream behind your house and ponder, “That stream is like the blood flowing in my arteries!” Are your veins carrying blood back to your heart to be refreshed in much the same way clouds are carrying water home to its source, i.e., oceans and rivers and the watering of the land and forests which often create streams?

Do you believe in an external God or Goddess regarding all this? Or do you see the Goddess/God within yourself? In the terms of Taoism, these are the Way, the Way being the Process.

Thus, as a woman, how is it you can take on a masculine function? An example of this is reflected in a woman’s words being seminal to a man who then suddenly conceives an idea, a feminine function!  All of us have both powers, male and female!

As per the Tao Te Ching, doesn’t that speak to all of us as the Way, i.e., the Process?

Regarding gender and sexuality; let’s take a minute to contemplate the symbol of Taoism.

Most of us realize this is Tao, which speaks the “yin” and “yang” (female and male) function of Nature, which are nested within our self.

This notion of “yin” and “yang” is throughout the world. Indeed, Genesis 1:27 states we are in God’s image: “Male and female, created (S)He them. As much as we deny the feminine in today’s culture, the fact is, both feminine and masculine functions occur in everything we do, be we woman or man or Sun and Earth. And don’t both Sun and Earth have masculine and feminine functions?

For example, the Sun’s rays enter the soils of the Earth and a seed unfolds as a flower.   Likewise, when you say, “an idea just came out of my mind, out of nowhere!” you are behaving as a woman who is having a virgin birth, a birth of a deconditioned mind; i.e., goes counter to our modern conditioned minds brought forth by television, media, school, work, family, etc.

Interestingly, most say the Bible reflects that man and woman were created a part from each other, as per Genesis 2.   However, in Genesis 1:27, the text blatantly states, “and God created Adamah in His image, male and female created He them.”

Gender and sexuality go beyond the bodies of men and women. For example, even if you are a guy, you are conceiving (a feminine function) this article and are conceiving your ideas that are sparked by these seminal (a masculine function) words I am saying. I may fertilize either your disagreement or your agreement. If I called you a dirty name, then that could be seen as a form of rape. The dirty name enters the Psyche of the reader and causes him to be depressed, powerless, hurt, angered and abused.

It’s all the same process. If you say, “your ideas are seminal, Burl”, you are saying these words are of a masculine process in that I sparked a conception that merged from within your Psyche, a feminine term. Likewise, when I say, “I conceived this article and it came out of the blue,” then I am functioning in the feminine. Stating “out of the blue” we tend to feel that we are conceiving out of “thin air.” Without getting into this deeply, this is the essence of the Virgin Birth! The virgin birth signifies a birth of a concept, or conception, or a Being (e.g., Jesus Christ) from apparently nothing. Some of this we refer to as an “idea that merged out of nowhere.”

Could our realizing or tapping into our deconditioned mind, our virginity, then foster an evolution in the world as well as in ourselves?

Regarding the virgin birth, Genesis 1:2 of the Bible is written in primarily feminine terms:

And the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

The Deep speaks to the Infinity (the Deep, the feminine Tehom in Hebrew) of undifferentiated life (and the world was without form and void, Genesis 1:2). Meanwhile the Earth reflects matter, i.e., the planet and your physical body. In the physics of David Bohm, this is called the “Unmanifest Implicate Order” which gives birth to the “Manifest Explicit Order”.

Thus, The Way, i.e., Tao or cosmic process as it is stated in the Tao Te Ching is the process of the intercourse of Yin and Yang / Female and Male. Here I don’t want to negate same sex sexuality.  Yet, the fact is, the Yang function and the Yin function operate across the board. If a man is receiving oral sex from a man, then he is performing a feminine function while his partner’s function is masculine. Likewise, if a woman is using her tongue of finger to stimulate her lady friend, then the woman is functioning in the masculine function.

Could it be that our sexuality is cosmic process, as reflected in the Tao Te Ching and Genesis 1:27 of the Bible!

I do want to critique the definition of woman as being “from man”, i.e., wo-man). As I write this, I think about the “Virgin Birth” where no man touches the Mother. In mystic circles, the idea of Virgin means being beyond conditioning. In Buddhist, Christian and Hindu spirituality, this is being in the same state in which “we were not” (as per Christian Meister Eckhart). This speaks to the emptiness of everything we were taught in school, in the media, and in our homes. It is literally being empty of what we have been taught over the past several thousand years.

And, yes, Ladies, this reflects the notion of what is called the Virgin Birth. It’s a birth that that comes from beyond your conditioned mind, and that includes men when an idea erupts from his consciousness. Or as Goethe, a Christian stated, “The Virgin Birth is a time in which one’s mind is completely empty.” This is true for males and females. This is the scary notion of letting go of everything you learned from school and media, while questioning deeply and ridding yourself (at least temporarily) of your conditioned mind.

Thus, it’s not a good idea to just accept the News and their commercials, but to empty yourself of your conditioning and look at what’s going on from a place of a deconditioned mind. Could we build a new world by letting go of the likes of our politicians and corporations?

Can you see the danger in what I am saying? To drop everything you’ve been taught by media, school, and parents? Can you also see how being empty of conditioning could (a) result in an evolution or (b) create a devolution and possibly our extinction. It could also be both. We could evolve into something new after we let go of our old self. We could evolve and go extinct as to what we are right now.

Unfortunately ladies, you don’t want to physically have babies without men (e.g., a virgin birth).   You don’t want that to happen because the purpose of men is that they diversify our genetics. Without men, we wind up with kissing cousins e.g., the likes of the royal Bush clan and the intelligence levels of 2 of our past presidents, both Papa Bush and Son.

Yes, the royal classes of the Bush clan spun from the intercourse of kissing cousins.

The consequence is that kissing cousins wound up depleting the genetic stream in the Bush family. (I wonder if Trump fits into such a stream?) Yes, there is a reason why there is a law against sister marrying brother, or son lying with mom, or father with daughter. (Nor should a man lie with his son or a mother her daughter).

Let’s go deeper into this hidden beauty and horror of our sexuality. For example, in the act of menstruation, we are again looking at an oval system of beginning, middle, end and new beginning. In essence, a woman’s period mirrors the cosmic process of circularity. Doesn’t this also speak to our seasons of winter, summer, spring and fall; to the tides, and to the cycle of day and night? And you ladies feel you don’t belong in this cosmos?

For the women reading this (or men who want to introspect within themselves), how do your powers of menstruation mirror Nature?

Take a moment and think about it.

Menstruation reflects cosmic process. And so does sexuality.   Yes, men also have their cycles, e.g., moods, abilities to do things at a point in time, etc. Indeed, many of us men can become a tender foot due to the weather, the state of the moon (e.g., full), etc. Of course, many women complain that men could never take the pain of birthing a baby. 🙂

What does all this mean to the reader? The goal for the reader is to realize she has masculine powers/processes while men have feminine powers and processes. When we gaze into our nudity, in seeing the opposites of the inward vagina and the external penis, aren’t we realizing who we all are—both male and female as per Genesis 1:27.

To truly get my conception, consider that our gender and sexuality are verbs more so than nouns. Yes, a woman is a noun, and her sexual process (verb) is the essence of how she functions. The same is true with men. A man is a noun and he is a verb in fertilizing a potential. Thus, we may say, “an idea was seminal to my writing this article.” This seminal masculine function is one that fits women as well as men. A woman can fertilize an idea in the mind of men, which then sparks the man’s conception or idea which lies within in potential, just as an egg in a woman’s ovaries are potential people.

Perhaps the Feminine in Males and the Masculine in Females can unite the genders and begin to dismantle the absurd notion of the “Battle of the Sexes.” Without each other, our opposites, isn’t it true that we cannot see our self and the potentials that are within us? Perhaps this is the uniting function of opposition? As left becomes right in a mirror, isn’t this true of the feminine and masculine powers in both women and men? Both ends of a string must be firmly anchored for the stroking of the string to create music. How would we understand day without night, good without evil, or joy without sorrow?

As Christ states, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Isn’t it time we see ourselves in our opposites and stop judging? What does this commandment really mean? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” “Remove the log from your own eye before trying to remove the mote from your neighbor’s eye.”

Can we move beyond this and evolve from within ourselves while letting go of the authorities? Meditate on this word, author-ity. Who authors your life and why do you allow them?

Is it ok for Trump to author you and the world we all live in?

My vote is “”no way!” What do you say?


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    Do we sometimes feel powerless in the face of this modern age? Can we begin to see ourselves in other people, creatures, and the earth and universe in general? What does the notion of electing a president like Trump, or Hilary Clinton bring up? Are we escaping from our empowerment and freedom?

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