The Metaphor of Gender: Human Sexuality and God’s Essence

Do we sometimes feel powerless in the face of this modern age? Can we begin to see ourselves in other people, creatures, and the earth and universe in general? What does the notion of electing a president like Trump, or Hilary Clinton bring up? Are we escaping from our empowerment and freedom?

Empowerment By and For All

When you gaze into the term “Nature”, what do you perceive? Do you think of the streams, storms, volcanoes, stars, moon, and even empty space regarding Nature?  Do you also say, “Its not my Nature to dislike people”?

What do I mean by this? Am I actually saying Nature is also your “essence”?”

Who are you?  What is within your Self? Isn’t your Self also your Nature? Is Nature thus speaking of our essence as well as the essence of birds, bees and coconut trees? For example, don’t you have veins and arteries that like streams and rivers carry food to different parts of your body?

Isn’t this how you are able to survive? Dare you gaze into the stream behind your house and ponder, “That stream is like the blood flowing in my arteries!” Are your veins carrying blood back to your heart to be refreshed in much the…

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