The Spirituality of Diverse Unity: Is It Time To Birth Peace?

The monotony of our culture’s genocidal impulse extends not only across space, but also through time; the God of our culture has always been jealous, and whether going by God the Father, Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Civilization, Capitalism, Science, Technology, Profit, or Progress, He has never been less than eager to destroy all those he cannot control. Derrick Jensen-A Language Older Than Words, p 18

To begin this piece, consider the Tao symbol of cosmic process. For a moment, meditate on this symbol. Why does one ever-spinning circle contain the opposites of black and white? Why is there a white circle in the black half and a black circle in the white half?

What does this image of Tao mean?   Simply put, it speaks to the unity of opposites.   The black is what is referred to as the “yin,” meaning the feminine. The white speaks to the “yang,” meaning masculine.

The black section speaks to the Unmanifest Implicate Order, in accord with physicist David Bohm.   Bohm states the Unmanifest contains all potentials. It’s like the eggs in a woman’s ovaries and sperm in a man. These are potentials that unite in bringing forth life. Could it be that it’s in tapping into the Unmanifest we can reach into changes that become Manifest?

Perhaps this is why great teachers like Jesus state that we should be in the same state as an infant. Being an infant is close to being unmanifest, or if you’d rather, being virgin or empty of conditioning and manifestation.   This is the place of pure, infinite potential.

Meanwhile, the white “yang” is about awakening and manifestation. Thus we come out of deep sleep and enter into dream states or waking states at which point we can feel the line in “Genesis”, “let there be light” within ourselves.

All women have masculine powers (e.g., reflecting the clitoris, the fingers, the number “1”) and men have feminine power (e.g., our eyes which absorb waves of light and conceives an image via our Psyche, the number “0” meaning container and birther of potential).   Yes, the eyes are the vaginas of the human Psyche (Soul, in Greece) while our fingers, penis and toes can reach out and enter/explore the depths of the world (and a special lady).

The blackness of the feminine speaks to what physicist David Bohm refers to as The Unmanifest Implicate Order. Like a woman’s ovaries that maintain eggs, an egg is akin to the potentials nested in the depths of the Unmanifest.   This is what the body of Woman speaks to: the potentials (unfertilized eggs) within us all.

The white aspect of the Tao speaks to Manifestation. Thus, God in the Bible screams Let there be Light from the dark infinite depths of Tehom (the Waters, the Virgin Mary, from Marine, meaning ocean and reflecting the creation of the world in Genesis 1:2), which then gives birth to Light.   The Light then arouses the Word, which manifests in the Book as the “Let there be…” statements.

The Word is OM in Hindu or in Kings; OM is spoken of as a “light humming sound”.

It is from this “humming” sound that form occurs.

To make this more personable, consider deep sleep as being Yin, which contains the eggs of potential dreams. The Yang, then, is the Eros or Desire for creation.   Thus the Eros of God in Genesis gets Him to state “Let there be Light,” i.e., manifestation in Genesis 1:3. This process is evident personally when you enter your dreamtime sleep and when you awaken from deep sleep. It’s all happening in this eternal Now!

Thus, you awaken from the darkness of sleep and wa-la, “Let there be Light”.   “Oh, my God there is a mouse at my closet door!”

Thus we have a little humor for you to realize the passage of Genesis 1:2 and 3. The line speaks blatantly to your process of waking up after entering deep sleep and dream sleep. Waking up is a daily exercise of getting out of bed and being “conscious”. It’s also a timeless i.e., ever occurring process. For example, the line, “Let there be Light,” could be spoken of when you get a bright idea in your mind. Don’t we sometimes say, “A light just exploded out of the blue!” when you come up with an idea?

Out of the dark depths of a moonless and starless sky is a similar state to deep sleep? Isn’t a dream, then, a “Let there be Light” moment?

Isn’t that also the spark of our awakening in general? The line in Genesis does not indicate anything happening 5,000 or 5,000 billions of years ago. It speaks to this moment here and now eternally for all of us. Genesis IS the eternal Now.

This realization blows me away!

Could this also be reflective of a fetus being born from the darkness of Mother’s womb and then entering into the Light of the world? Perhaps Genesis 1 is about birth in general? Is this about the birth of a dream, of a baby, and of our awakening to the Cosmic Self within and without our self? Are these the likes of Brahmin in Hindu and Yahweh, I AM, in Hebrew? Isn’t the Self (Brahmin) or I AM (Hebrew) one with Nature, meaning Essence?

Could Pagans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists join hands and in each other see themselves?

Going deeper, could it also be about cosmic process, the dance of yin and yang, i.e., female (holding the potential of manifestation, i.e., eggs) and male (desire to manifest, i.e., sexual drives)? Thus the Sun’s rays penetrate the surface of the Earth that sparks a seed, hidden in the dark depths of Earth, into flowering into manifestation.

The Way of Nature, of the Self, is our Essence.   How does that relate to the pollution we are dumping upon our planet? Are we negating our Nature and thus entering into a time of major extinctions?

The importance of this notion is that it speaks to our evolution as a planet, species and as individuals. Our sexuality mimics cosmic process. Thus in Taoism, cosmic process is the interaction of Yin and Yang, male and female, wave and particle, which is spoken of in “Genesis 1:27.”

            And God created humanity in His image, male and female created She them.

Could it be, in accord to my thesis, that we are destroying the Earth, i.e., Nature, which means we are also destroying ourselves, i.e., Yahweh. Perhaps this is necessary for evolution? Perhaps death necessitates evolution? But it’s hard for us to give up on our current world order (i.e., foster a letting go or death), where we get the likes of Donald Trump as a president. And I add, Hilary offered us no great contrast. We really didn’t have much of a choice in our elections, now did we? Bud or Bud Light? Either way the corporations win while people lose.

Perhaps you, the reader, are what we seek?

Eric Fromm spoke beautifully to my thesis when he wrote the book, Escape from Freedom. Could it be we escape from freedom while also placing our heads in the sand of those who are out to destroy us, and our evolutionary potentials? Do we have our heads in the sand regarding Trump and pretty much all corporations and governments?

Interesting, in mystic Christianity, Jesus Christ, like Buddha, was seen as the evolutionary potential of humanity. And what could the anti-Christ be?   Donald Trump? Or how about Hilary? Or Obama? Or Exxon-Mobil?

Who is the anti-Christ if not anything or anybody that stifles evolutionary potential?

And how are the extinction rates of animals going these days?   Is extinction the opposite of evolutionary development? Is this a criterion by which we should recognize the “anti-Christ”: that which stifles evolution? Of course one can go extinct once one evolves. Thus, it is said by some scientists that dinosaurs may have morphed into birds?

Can we in turn realize we are potential angels with wings?

Have any of our corporations or governments spoken to evolution? Are standardized tests necessary for the evolution of our children, or do these tests place our children into “niches”, or categories and diagnoses? Doesn’t standardization stifle the diversity necessary for evolution?

Do these acts reflect a way to keep people from evolving?

Is this why we put people into coffins when they die? We want to keep them in “the box” instead of letting them melt into the “All”?

Are airplanes, cars, and air-conditioning proof of our evolution? My thesis is “no.” When we are reliant on technology, we keep humanity stuck in dependence. Indeed, these technologies have brought about devolution of the species, turning us fat, dumb, and unhappy.

What I am saying may hurt the reader’s ears while destroying her ideas that have been said about humanity since she was born.   What I am saying is that we’ve been lied to. Our technology has evolved. We have not.

This brings forth the notion of the anti-Christ. In mystic Christianity, Christ is seen as the evolutionary potential of humanity (this includes the likes of Buddha, Krishna and other great teachers). In some Christian eyes, this also means animals.

Anything that suppresses evolution, person, plant or animal is an anti-Christ.

Can we see how the criteria of an anti-Christ reflect corporations and their masters such as the Rothchlds alongside the likes of Trump, Hilary, Obama, Reagan, Bush, etc? And let’s not exclude Hitler, since we apparently are going back into Fascist times. (That’s not due to just Trump; I saw the pattern before the beginning of this current century).

Could you kick around the idea that the anti-Christ’s body is composed of many cells? These cells include the corporations and the likes of the Koch Brothers, Trumps and Rothchilds! Isn’t it time for us to confront this evil and awaken from our nightmare?

Let’s become empowered.


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