The Spirituality of Diverse Unity: Is It Time To Birth Peace?

Jerusalem means place of peace. It is said that end times is the return of our place of peace. Are we ready for Her? Can this be reflected in our empowerment?

Empowerment By and For All

The monotony of our culture’s genocidal impulse extends not only across space, but also through time; the God of our culture has always been jealous, and whether going by God the Father, Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Civilization, Capitalism, Science, Technology, Profit, or Progress, He has never been less than eager to destroy all those he cannot control. Derrick Jensen-A Language Older Than Words, p 18

To begin this piece, consider the Tao symbol of cosmic process. For a moment, meditate on this symbol. Why does one ever-spinning circle contain the opposites of black and white? Why is there a white circle in the black half and a black circle in the white half?

What does this image of Tao mean?   Simply put, it speaks to the unity of opposites.   The black is what is referred to as the “yin,” meaning the feminine. The white speaks to the “yang,” meaning…

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