Christmas and the New Year: Will We Ever Make a Change by Birthing The Christ Within?

Empowerment By and For All

Goddess Creating

X-Mas and the New Year are close to each other for a reason. They are about ridding ourselves of conditioning (several years of education and indoctrination) and becoming “virgin”, i.e., whole, empty of form, undivided and pure…..just like a woman’s egg prior to menstruation and / or fertilization by sperm.

In the meantime, we have Jesus turning over the money changers table.  And what do many of the Christians fall to their knees over? Donald Trump and preachers that have multi-billion dollar businesses.

Meanwhile, Jesus emphatically states, “It is harder for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  What a joke that is for a large portion of Christians.  Notice I am not saying “all.”  There are many “for real” Christians.

Who do a large portion of born again Christians vote for? Donald Trump and…

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