Empowering Ourselves by Realizing our Inner Wisdom


Our fate in this modern day world entails being born into a dis-empowered culture. Thus is the curse we have placed on our children and grandchildren. We further dis-empower ourselves by surrendering power onto commercialized television (including news), corporate businesses, politicians, experts, supervisors, the multi-billionaires, and others we deem as authority.

Author-ity.   Who has the right to author your life? Such is a condition of “Top-Down/Pyramid” governance.

Is there such a thing as “Bottom-Up” governance? Could it be more circular than linear? What is true in Nature? Both?

When you were conceived in your mother’s uterus; who actually built your body?

You did!   Thus, a fetus evolves from center to periphery in his mother’s womb. The body knows how to do this, and has been doing so for thousands of years.   This is the essence of “Bottom-Up” governance. Your cells became various organs because that’s what the body needed them to be. The process of development is about intercommunications of cells. Thus, a particular cell may become a participant of the fetus’s liver because that is what is needed for the baby.

The body has a networking intelligence and knows what to do.   It mimics the Internet. (No, on second thought, the Internet mimics it—very inadequately!)  It’s a network. Mystics refer to this overseeing intelligence as the third eye, which is located around the center of our forehead. Yes, at that level of consciousness, we formed ourselves.

What about feedback loops in the body-mind? For example, you intuit something isn’t right as you walk through the woods. Then, you look to your right, and find a curled up copperhead snake warning you not to hurt her.

Nature is intelligent and that intelligence protects us, including the rattlesnake. It’s all about evolution. Snakes began manufacturing poison to (a) defend themselves and (b) foster fear in creatures like humans so they can act with caution when around a snake. Nature is in us and manifests as us, including snakes.

So, what are you meant to be in Nature’s system? What is the “Big Picture” that you are a cell of? This planet?

Don’t think you have no purpose in life. In the simple act of breathing you exhale carbon dioxide, which trees and plants inhale. Meanwhile, trees and plants exhale oxygen, which we breathe in. We all have a function in fostering an evolution of human, animal, and plant life on Earth.

Earth is a living system alongside you and the entire cosmos. I now hear a reader complain, “Look at Saturn, Burl. It’s a wasteland!” To that I answer, “Perhaps the living planet, Saturn, is more alive than we know? Perhaps it’s our perception that causes us to see a “wasteland.”

To foster this idea, I’ve heard that when Europeans landed on the American continent, the Natives did not see the sailing ships that landed in the harbor. Sailing ships were outside their experience and, therefore, outside their apperception.  It wasn’t until the Natives saw the people in their rowboats that they realized human beings were landing.

Can our looking at a dead Saturn be the same kind of story? Maybe, for instance, the transition between wave and particle takes place there on a very different frequency than we are equipped to perceive.

How does that reflect on our destruction of Earth? Perhaps, even, our wasteland of body, mind, and spirit are a mirror to what we are doing to the planet i.e., pollution, constant warfare, and high murder rates? Perhaps, once we name aspects of nature as “resources” and money as “profit” we move outside the wellbeing of our greater body. We may be just projecting ourselves onto Saturn. Is our seeing Saturn as a wasteland one with what we have become?

The positive point is: intelligence, creativity and wisdom are within you alongside Saturn.   These are deeper than your ego’s intelligence. It reflects Nature’s intelligence. Thus a seed that falls off a tree may become another tree, which is fathered by the sun, rain, and air while mothered by the soil.

Is this why we often say, “we are grounded?”   In this statement, are we not reflecting on our psychological “ground” as one with the ground that supports flowers and trees? In the deepest sense: this is more than just metaphor, it is Truth.

And what of God over Nature? My thesis is that Mother Nature and Father God are one. Nature means Essence (e.g., the Nature of Tom is to be humorous).   Meanwhile, the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh, is “I AM.” What is I AM if not our Nature? Who are you? I AM is who you are…plain and simple.

Thus the Bride and Groom of the Bible’s “Revelations” are revealed!   They have never-not been separated except in the human mind inhabited by a philosophy of dualism. We have been looking at the world through blindfolds.

The process and being of the Father Self (Brahmin in Hindu, Yahweh / I AM in Hebrew) and Mother Nature are one. The Self is Nature, our Nature. Pagan and Judea-Christian-Muslim religions are one.   Thus, Genesis 1:27 of the Bible states God created humanity in His image, Male and Female created She them. That means all of us.

This may be easier to grasp when you move away from sexuality and instead look at earthly/cosmic processes, which mirror human sexuality. For example, a seed (a form of a egg) falls from a tree onto the ground.  That seed may become another tree. Or not.   Indeed, some animal may eat the seed and then place it 20 miles away via the process of defecation.   And, then, wa-la, a new tree is born in a different area!

Is this the reason we speak of teaching sexuality to our children and calling it “the facts of life?” That’s exactly what I am saying. Sexuality, in Taoist terms, is the Way, i.e., the cosmic process of Yin (female) and Yang (male).

Intercourse is the Way! Ah, go sunbathing, ladies and gents. Experience the Sun’s rays entering your cells and bringing them to life! Life’s process is intercourse.

The planet is an intelligent and living system of which we are cells. Intercourse is simply the Way. Thus, the Sun shines and sparks a seed into becoming a tree. The Sun’s rays are seminal to the birth of a tree. It’s the same process as human sexuality.

Intelligence and Wisdom are the foundation of Nature. Thus I conceived this article. What is the article’s father? Coming across this site.

This means all of Nature is intelligent and wise, including the nine planets. I know, we look at Saturn or Jupiter and say, “they are dead.”   Not necessarily so, for the planets themselves may be alive. Just like the Earth is. And where would we be without our moon, which creates tides and a 28-day process of tides, which also reflects a woman’s menstrual period. It’s actually a good thing to meditate on such a process.   It leads to an understanding of cosmic and planetary process.   All of us are participants in a planet/satellite/space/ galaxy and universal process. In summary, WE BELONG!

Our Self is our Nature, meaning essence, who is I AM, the Hebrew Yahweh! Mom and Dad are one.

What of life in the cosmos? My thesis is that we don’t see life on Jupiter because our eyes are not able to focus on the wavelengths of the various life forms on the planet.

Perhaps it is because of our mindsets that we don’t perceive life and a deep wisdom in the Cosmos or Nature?   In ancient Christian terms, this wisdom was called Sophia Episteme, meaning Wisdom and Understanding. Understanding speaks to intelligence. And, more importantly, it speaks to compassion. Compassion, Intelligence, Wisdom and Understanding are all one.

So, when do we as a species realize this?   Could such knowledge reduce warfare and argument over whose religion is right and whose is wrong? Could it also mean the end to the absurd notion of the “Battle of the Sexes?”

Could this also be referring to the idea that Jesus spoke, “judge not lest ye be judged?”

How judgmental are we? How many wars have you seen in your lifetime? Do we not judge our enemies as being “bad?” Could this be what Freud referred to as projection, i.e., the projection of our own thoughts that we don’t like onto another?

Does it have to be this way? What can we do to change it?

Now that this article is ending, introspect and ask, what is now stewing within me based on what I’ve read? Go deep. Question yourself. Question me.

What do your instincts tell you?




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