The Joke of Modern Politics


The Joke of Modern Politics

Maine’s governor, Paul LePage is taking over the educational department where he, himself, probably would test at the 3rd grade level? The first question to ask our governor is, “what planet are you on?” He probably would look at you with a stone face signifying he doesn’t get what your asking.

Pitiful thing is, LePage represents the intelligence of the republican party. I’m also not giving thumbs up to democrats. But at least democrats pretend to be intelligent. What unites to two parties is not the country they represent.  But the people that forks over millions of dollars in funding campaigns.

Under this criminal system that is no less than a form of prostitution, who truly rules?  The people or the corporation?

Republicans in this day and age don’t give a damn about us. Indeed, due to the “no child left being act” of Bush fame…

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