A Ray of Hope in the Desert War of Palestine and Israel

Empowerment By and For All


Sabine Lichtenfels states: “We cannot be against war if we don’t dare to envision a different kind of life…so I pray to our own higher self that we dare to awaken, that we dare to be who we really are…We have to step into trust and call all our brothers and sisters to raise the voices toward justice, peace and toward life.” Sabine is founder of the Vision Camp, co-founder of the Peace Research Centre Tamera in Portugal, theologian, and pilgrim in the name of Grace. She initiated the RING OF POWER-A GLOBAL SPIRITUAL NETWORK OF PEACE, a spiritual- political meditation network. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” So say our guests on Envision This!, Sabine Lichtenfels and Sami Awad. My wife and I interviewed these two, plus others, from the Vision Camp they have set…

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