Envisioning Peace

Envision This: a world in which the underlying order beneath the complexity and variety of all things is a unity. On a more specific level, consider that there is an underlying theme inherent in the various world religions.  Could that theme then be revealed to united them all in their diversity? Could Christ’s message that we are all brothers and sisters be a truth more profound than just a statement asking us to be nice?

Is there a place where Christian, Jew, Pagan, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and Hindu embrace each other?

In the book Sophia’s Web: Healing our Wounded Nature, my wife Meredith and I speak to this underlying unity behind the diversity of religions. Indeed, the book ultimately reveals the United States motto, E Pluribus Unim, as being cosmic reality. This deeply wise and insightful phrase is the foundations of everything from religion, to our bodies as women and men and to the planet and universe.

Could it be that Christ’s message to be brothers and sisters in the Godhead simply be the cosmic truth?

To learn more and evaluate if Sophia’s Web is a book for you, please visit the Indegogo campaign at:  




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