The Ecstasy of Sophia’s Web

Empowerment By and For All

Beyond this world of time and space, Mother Sophia stands alone, complete unto herself. Sophia is not anything or anybody. Indeed, she has no characteristics at all. She just is. That is, she is all. Or, she is not! Sophia is unconditioned existence, pure being and the Nature of all that is. She is Ramprasad’s shoreless ocean. Her dance is a striptease for she reveals herself as Truth, the naked essence of all that lives. She is our “isness,” our Divine Isis, the Roman version of the Egyptian Au-Set or Throne of Power.

Sophia is our beloved Virgin Mother whose beauty is incomprehensible to human imagination. After all, who is there in this vast universe that can describe or comprehend infinite Wisdom? Any attempts at conceptualizing Sophia will fail, for she is an unfathomable Ocean of Life with no shores, whose depths are without beginning or end…

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