Playing with Parts Beyond the Mind



This blog has two poems I jotted down this am.  So they are still fresh from Psyche’s womb.  The above is Sophie.  She is my dog.  I named her Sophie because dog backwards is God.  Thus I gave her one of God’s names, Sophia, or Wisdom.  The poems are off the cuff.  So, like any newborn baby, they need to be changed.  

Playing With Parts

July 9, 2014 

Particles participate

In this world of apartments

Remaining forever boxed in and apart

They refuse to see they are participatory


It’s all one play

We all take our parts,

That’s it.

That’s all!


Alienation sighs her silent death

As apartments come to rest

Joy saturates the end of delusion

Knowing that isolated boxes is the ego’s jest


Apartments participate as one building

Being becomes a Participant

SheHe dances this Cosmic play

In Heaven and on Earth


Is there a distinction?


Who shall be Oscar recipient

For Participator of the day?


You, perhaps?


Is there any distinction?



Beyond the Mind

July 9, 2014

Couch Potato

Couch Potato


Once you move beyond your shallow mind

Of what appears to be individual waves operating separately

You sail then deeply into the depths of Marie, the Ocean


Going beyond currents, snails and fishes with tails

You come to a place of stillness

Existing beyond time and space.


And there is the Creative Moment.

It is then you realize yourself as a Christ

A Savior of Earth!



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