Dorothy….. We’re Not In Salem Anymore. The Witch Hunts of the 21st Century

Great piece. If you are open minded or have a different outlook on life than the mainstream….be very aware….beware, be aware.



It is said that understanding and education are the two best actions against ignorance and fear…. but are they? What do you do when an angry, hateful and overzealous mob of members of a radical religious group come knocking at your door? They don’t want to talk. They don’t want to listen. They don’t want explanations or reason. They’ve come with their minds made up: They want blood. Do you turn the other cheek? Do you become a martyr? There are no clicking of ruby slippers and suddenly, there really is no place like home…..

Just think, it wasn’t until the 1690’s that the persecution of witches really became a problem in the United States, and it began with a couple of naive girls in then Puritan Salem, Mass., (Now Danvers) who played with some divination techniques, got freaked out and cried witchcraft to cover their own back sides…. that act…

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