Meditative Explorations of the Self

Empowerment By and For All


Image of Don Oscar Image of Don Oscar

 “By doing one learns; with study one refines; through dreaming one creates; in loving one fulfills—such is the secret art for tending to the perennial garden of our soul.”

– don Oscar Miro-Quesada

What do you think of when you think of religion? Is it distinct from spirituality?

Or, are these just meaningless words?

Are you atheistic? I am a-theistic. To be a-theistic is to be non-theistic with theistic meaning a particular religious philosophy. It’s the same with being a-philosophical. It’s to be without a conditioned mindset towards the world. To be a-theistic or a-philosophical is to be empty of preconditioned thoughts. This is the most spiritual and religious of experiences. Indeed, for those who dive deeply into spiritual matters, virginity is ultimately a state of emptiness. It is the mind in an unconditioned state.

For example, Jesus Christ says to be like a…

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