The Big Lie of Civilization

Empowerment By and For All

Over the course of the years…. well actually since I was in the second grade, if not before then…..I have intuitively known that there was something amiss in Western Civilization. As an example of this knowledge, I used to vomit prolifically upon my second grade teacher, Mrs. Swift.

Due to this, I was not one of Mrs. Swift’s favorite people; nor was she one of mine.

There were always times I was being nitpicked by Mrs. Swift. Everything I did was under scrutiny. How I ate, what I ate, my performance in class; everything was under the nose of Mrs. Swift. School was a prison for me and she was judge, jury and jail guard.

Ultimately, as a bucking bull is brought to submission; I came under submission. I learned to comply. I stopped puking on Mrs. Swift.

Not only that, but I thought I needed to comply because not…

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