Orchestrating the Division Bell

Ah, war is everywhere: man vs woman, left vs right, Christian vs Other Religions, republithug vs democrap. These divisional bells hold our attention in the Roman Arena. Yes, we are mesmerized and hypnotized by them, making us easy to control!

“Its all orchestrated folks, it ain’t going to get any better, “ saith the mastermind comedian George Carlin. (Link below)

So, George, who is the Man behind the curtain? Truly, George?

Feed the Christian to the lions in old days and; now, the Christians, for the most part are the Romans. Yes sir re: do we put democrats and liberals in the den? Or, do we send republicans and conservatives to the cross? Our world, you see, is divided. Its this vs that! And what is the intent of the Powers-That-Be? Divide and Conquer! Perhaps?

What if we refused to play the game?

Christ did not win with His message of love back when. It was Rome that won!   And, since Christians have morphed into Romans, whom do we throw to the lions? Yes, since the Christians became the Romans….thus beware Gays, Left Wingers (if we are Right), Right Wingers (if we are Left). Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Protestants (if Catholic) and Catholic (if Protestant). Or, do we war at the level of New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox. Just gotta have a war!

What war gets your testosterone in a knot?

O’ Jesus don’t ya come cause

The powers-that-be in Rome

Will rehang your ass onto the cross

And you’ll remain eternally void of a stable home.

O’ the poetry and songs that our corporate slavery has elicited. How wise is the insight in the song 16 Tons.

 16 tons and whad-a-ya get

another day older and deeper in debt

St Peter don’t ya call me cause I can’t go

I owe my Soul to the company store.


OK, OK, we have changed. We now owe our Souls to Visa! Whoops, or is it Mastercard?

OK, give me a break.

YES! We have progressed. Furthermore, most of us don’t dig coal. No! We work hours upon hours sitting in front of screens screaming for a real life while doing the Man’s bidding. We are all whores who have sold out to an abusive, non-loving Adam.

We need a divorce. Hell, the Man doesn’t pay us whores enough now does he? We need to stop being his whore and become self-empowered.

Hey, Adam, you could at least give us a kiss and some candy before “d*cking us! O’ my, could it be that rape of human beings = rape of planet = rape of the Soul?

Yes, we Adams have furthermore destroyed local businesses. And, we have destroyed our power to govern ourselves by raising foods locally. The motto is: lets disempower the populace! Lets recall this line from Henry Kissinger:

Control the oil and you control nations. Control the food and you control people.

Do you like being manipulated and controlled? Is this OK?

What are you going to do about it?

Is freedom about reclaiming how you get your food? Dare you begin a garden or buy from farmers whom you know are raising their foods ethically?

Or, you can continue to shop at Wally Mart

Within the realm of the non-living

Wally Mart sparks a fart

As fires send flames to singe

Our speaking tongue in throat again and again


Shopping till ya dropping

Dare ye think?

You’re existing in this deafly dumb dump

Of a roller rink that’s long been sunk

created by nothing less

than our own corporate generated funk?


What would it look like

For you to have power

By allowing freedom to control

what deeds you do every hour?

Our lives in western civilization are not about self-empowerment. We are all about war and war is about suppression of power. Competition and survival of the fittest is the corporate, fascist, slogan that has us gazing with penises in hand at the television stations. O’ yes, Fox and CNN are pitted to be at war…liberal democrat vs conservative republican. Divide and conquer. YES! You are being manipulated in these drama shows. Its all orchestrated by the “Owners of this Country” to use the phrase of comedian George Carlin. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dY4WlxO6i0)

Are you tired of it yet?

Is it human nature, the Nature of Nature to be in such warring modes?

What if we discovered the Man Behind the Curtain is pulling the strings to a Division Bell? Repeat after me: Divide and Conquer.

Yes, it’s all orchestrated. Divide and Conquer.

Roll those words over thy tongue! Divide and Conquer.

Say it again: Divide and Conquer

What can we cultivate within ourselves to get us out of this mess? First is awareness. We have to see how the play of Divide and Conquer saturates our lives.

In line with the wishes of the Orchestrating Wizard behind the curtain, we have theoretical, religious, and scientific conflicts, while right smashes left and left smashes right as man abuses woman and woman abuses child, and repulithug smashes democrap in this election. But all is well. Wait till the next election. It’ll get better in this human made hell!

What camp did you say you are in?

Divide and conquer. See, they got ya!

The divide and conquer ethos works well for the 1 – 5%. Meanwhile us Pinocchio’s continue to be puppets on a string. Forget the flesh of a real, living, loving human being. Keep your woodenhead while stroking your wooden pecker while maintaining your life on the metallic breasts of the Corporate Machine.

Does your machine mother have a ticker to make you think she has a heart and therefore is your lover?

No, she is a coldhearted sociopath.

Are you cold yet from the effects of a cold heart mommy? Is our Mother culture a woodenhead, or is she a metallic machine? Is Nature a woman with no heart? Do you have a heart?

If you do, then SHE has a heart. It’s your heart that matters. You ARE the heart of the matter.

And this is where it all begins and ends: With you.

Hey, writing is a form of lovemaking. My intent is to inseminate a conception within you. I don’t say “BUY my way of looking at life. No, I say let it come forth from within you. Yes, these words are seminal; but they are seminal in the sense that they may spark a creative moment in you. Then, YOUR words become seminal.

We’re all in this together. We are co-creators, not THE Creator. But even that’s not right. The Creator is not so much the Creator, but Creativity. It’s process more so than product. We are more verb than noun. We are an unfolding more so than a persona. “God is a Verb” is a book written by a Jewish author. Yes, we are all Verbs. When the Verb is made flesh (i.e., a noun); then all of us are made flesh….yet, beneath the flesh, is the Verb. The Verb in relationship to the Noun is akin to the surface layer of ocean waves to the entirety of the Ocean. The Ocean too is more process than product. AND, the process or Way of the Ocean is a participating participant in the entire ecology of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

A true writer says in her heart: “Partake in the joy of my words, I shall impregnate thee!” She also says, “my words are seminal. What we create we create together. My words are simply seminal flames meant to spark a conception within you.”

When I was a kid, perhaps 12 years of age, I had a dream in which my mother was in the hospital. She was encased in a metallic machine keeping her alive. The machine had lights and whistles and all kinds of gadgets, monitors, dials and lights.

The dream was NOT just about my mother. It was about US, the human race.  Look around at what we are doing to the planet. Are we, indeed, truly alive? Or are we a machine with flashing lights and whistles that chime.

So, do we wait for some God to be resurrected from the dead as we see him with our externalized eyes? Or is it we in our corporate mentality that must be resurrected from the dead?

Mm, for the mystics of Christianity, Christ is seen as the evolutionary potential of all creatures, including human beings.

Christ is what we are in potential?

So, what of scenes like this? (I’ve used these images before, don’t mean to be redundant, just want to make sure the message gets across to others).


Abused woman

Abused woman


Is she being allowed to unfold her potential?

Do you get the picture? Not just this picture. We’re speaking to the BIG interrelating picture. How does this relate to what we are doing to the planet? What is abuse if not a way of control and domination. And how do we dominate? Divide and conquer!

Thus the powers that be orchestrate the “divide and conquer” mentality. Keep us children who are “left behind” vs those “not left behind.” In so doing they isolate us while keeping us at war with each other. Think of how silly it is to have right hand vs left hand. Do an experiment (read before doing!) Take your right hand and slap the hell out of the left side of your face. Now, if you did this, I want you to know I think you to be a fool. In similar fashion, I think the overall populace in surrendering to the Corporations, Banks and Underling Politicians make all of us into fools.

So, what if we said, “NO!”

Do you truly think Lord George’s “No Child Left Behind” act allowed for the evolutionary potential of our children? No, it’s about standardization and standardization is about control and domination.

How can we evolve in such a system? How do we get out of it?

The first step is to understand the motive behind the techniques that are used.

It’s all about control. Rape is not about love, nor is about sex. It is about control and domination. The rape of the Soul is one with the rape of a woman. We need to end this abuse of our Soul and the Soul of our planet.


When do we say “no more?!”


2 thoughts on “Orchestrating the Division Bell

  1. Reblogged this on burlhall and commented:

    Mm, to go into places never before explored by Man. Is this truly the mission of exploring intergalactic space? Or, is it our exploration of inner galactic space. I wonder, if all is grounded in Infinity, then how is the Infinite exists side-by-side with Herself? Is this Her limitation? Could it be the Infinite needs the Finite to complete Herself? After all, how would She know if She was all that was? Is this why Mother breaks into M-Other? If baby stayed in utero; how could Mother know what was within Her and how would baby know Mother?

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