Orchestrating the Division Bell

Mm, to go into places never before explored by Man. Is this truly the mission of exploring intergalactic space? Or, is it our exploration of inner galactic space. I wonder, if all is grounded in Infinity, then how is the Infinite exists side-by-side with Herself? Is this Her limitation? Could it be the Infinite needs the Finite to complete Herself? After all, how would She know if She was all that was? Is this why Mother breaks into M-Other? If baby stayed in utero; how could Mother know what was within Her and how would baby know Mother?

Empowerment By and For All

Ah, war is everywhere: man vs woman, left vs right, Christian vs Other Religions, republithug vs democrap. These divisional bells hold our attention in the Roman Arena. Yes, we are mesmerized and hypnotized by them, making us easy to control!

“Its all orchestrated folks, it ain’t going to get any better, “ saith the mastermind comedian George Carlin. (Link below)

So, George, who is the Man behind the curtain? Truly, George?

Feed the Christian to the lions in old days and; now, the Christians, for the most part are the Romans. Yes sir re: do we put democrats and liberals in the den? Or, do we send republicans and conservatives to the cross? Our world, you see, is divided. Its this vs that! And what is the intent of the Powers-That-Be? Divide and Conquer! Perhaps?

What if we refused to play the game?

Christ did not win with His message…

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