To Know the Self is to Know All

Our lives are saturated in myth. The rationalists try to tell us that myth is a falsehood from which we are rescued by the rational mindset. But, alas, what is the rational mindset except another mythos.

What are myths except the stories we tell ourselves? What story created this?


Or this?


Or this?


Get THE picture? What is the story we tell ourselves that create these landscapes? What do they tell us about ourselves?

What mindset creates these?

Can you see your own face reflected in these pictures? What is your story like?

What would a different story look like?

Are these pictures speaking to one story that we are living out? What story do we tell ourselves that create these? What relates the three? Is there any semblance to the Genesis myth in which Adam is given the task to rule over Thee, my dear co-hearted Eve?

Is Eve the entire planet? Is She the so-called “labor class?” Whose labor is truly in pain? Take another look at the children’s faces above. Take a look at the decimated Earth.

For what does Nature labor?  Does labor have to be in toil?  What if labor’s scream were that of ecstatic joy!?  Can we create that?

Ah, Mother Nature, Mother Essence. We have no sense of Nature for we have no sense of Self. See, the trick is realizing that Self and Nature are one. The Hebrew Yahweh (I AM) is the Hindu Brahmin (the Self) and the Self is our Mother Nature.

Our problem is we know not who we are. Thus, we are impoverished and surrender our power to what boils down to a pile of criminals. These are the people pulling the puppet strings on the politicians as well as us. Yet, we engage with these people in the dance. Thus we are co-creating a world of poverty as reflected in the above pictures.

As a woman’s egg becomes us once fertilized, then Nature has become us. Thus when it is said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God…then so are we. The realization of God is the realization of the Self. Not just the personality self that we mistakenly think of as us….no, we are speaking of the cosmic Self. Seeing the personality self as the Self is akin to mistaking a wave for the Ocean. The wave is a participant in the Ocean’s movements; yet, is NOT the Ocean.

Well, actually, if you go way, way deep, you will discover that in your foundations you are endless. Infinity exists side-by-side with no one. But at this point, you have lost any sense of the isolated particle and instead see yourself as a participating wholeness playing in the cosmos.

The point is not confusing your Self with your ego, or what you think you are.    

Picture this: You are standing on a ship. You look over the edge and gaze upon the waves. You notice two waves arising and the one screams out at the other, “you stupid moron, you have it all wrong.” That wave then takes a shotgun out and shoots the other wave. Soon after, that wave also returns to the silence of the depths.

The waves seeing themselves as separate is what the Hindus call Maya, or illusion. Confusing the surface level wave with the Ocean is the same as confusing the ego with Nature.

So, who are we? This is the ultimate quest, isn’t it? Why are we here if not to know the Self? Nature Herself? Who is asking the question, “who am I?”

One of the Hindu Upanishads speaks to this beautifully:

“It is above

It is below

It is, in fact

This entire world


When one know this,

One knows bliss in the Self

And in all worlds

Is free.”

Self, world and universe are not separate. As a fetus knows no bounds between himself and Mother, then we know no bounds in the arms of Mother Nature.


Easy, Nature is our Essence. Nature is our Self! She is who we are. To know the Self is to know All!




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