To Know the Self is to Know All

Empowerment By and For All

Our lives are saturated in myth. The rationalists try to tell us that myth is a falsehood from which we are rescued by the rational mindset. But, alas, what is the rational mindset except another mythos.

What are myths except the stories we tell ourselves? What story created this?


Or this?


Or this?


Get THE picture? What is the story we tell ourselves that create these landscapes? What do they tell us about ourselves?

What mindset creates these?

Can you see your own face reflected in these pictures? What is your story like?

What would a different story look like?

Are these pictures speaking to one story that we are living out? What story do we tell ourselves that create these? What relates the three? Is there any semblance to the Genesis myth in which Adam is given the task to rule over Thee, my dear co-hearted…

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