Education as an Evolutionary Process: The Work of Steven Jones

Empowerment By and For All

Steven Jones:  President of Antioch College Steven Jones: President of Antioch College

Western culture in its desire to control and dominate has created educational systems that are standardized and corporatized.   Education is a farce in terms of its epistemological roots. The term education is from the French educare, meaning to bring forth. True education is an evolutionary process of unfolding the potential that is within a person.

Instead, what education has become is a systemic means of indoctrination and dumbing down of a population made ready for consumerism and, to use the words of comedian George Carlin, to accept increasingly “shitier” jobs for lower wages and benefits.

Education as practiced in the mainstream is a farce.

Education can be scholarship oriented, familiarizing the brain with the knowledge and wisdom of the culture. It can be body oriented, developing the capabilities of the body through diet, exercise and lifestyle. It can also be mind oriented, in developing…

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