Loosing Religion for the Sake of Religion

Envision This! Media

What does the term “religion” mean to most of us?  I would bet it means an institutionalized belief system that we believe in or not believe in.  Thus, if you were to ask me about my religion, I would bet you would expect me to say I am “Catholic” or “Protestant” or “Atheist,” or “Jew”.

I am none of these.  Indeed, I refuse to categorize either you or I.  I am nothing, or no-thing, and thus embrace all.

Yet, in conventional thinking, we define our religion as an institutionalized belief system. Religion is a noun; an institution.

Is it really?  Does it have to be that way?  Indeed, I refuse to put myself into any institutionalized box.  This is the problem with modern day human beings. We put ourselves into categorical boxes then, when we die, we tend to put ourselves into boxes called coffins which are set in a…

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