This is another great piece by the ingenious Burl Hall. Kidding aside, I was diagnosed as borderline retarded by standardized tests. So, doing writings like these helps to put my mind to rest. That way, what THEY say to me is just a jest.

Envision This! Media

This poem was originally written in 1993, I’ve been playing with it today, 6/22/14. Hey, to be organismically orgasmic is to be in the moment.  Life is change. Are babies happy without getting their diapers changed?  Gotta get rid of the old shit.

Ever see anything in Nature that does not change?

The below image is from Pamela Matthews.  It will be the front cover of my upcoming book, Sophia’s Web. The image actually speaks to a dream I had in the 90’s which also sparked the writing of the book.  Interesting how synchronicities work.

In the “Book of Proverbs,” Sophia (Wisdom) is said to be in peace….”all Her ways are peace.  Jerusalem, in turn, means “Place of Peace.”  Yes, Jerusalem is a state of mind more so than a war ravaged city held in conquest by various factions for the past several thousand years.  

Is it time to…

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