Beyond the Conditioned Mind: Reflections on the Wisdom of Will Bason

 Disorder rules modern day. Or, should I reframe and say, “control and domination rule?” Well, we should add manipulation to the equation. How DO you get people to engage in mind numbing activities such as shop-till-you drop campaigns? What goodie are you providing to those consumerists caught up in a rat race. What keeps them running the treadmill for a small parcel of food?

 What keeps us stuck?

 Will Bason writes on this topic in a post to Facebook:

I’m one, you’re one, we’re all one, and we need to act like one. The realization of our essential oneness, and the overcoming of any egotism, religious doctrine or nationalism that perpetuates the illusion of our division is our current evolutionary lesson.

 This is the central reality of the spiritual revolution that is now sweeping the world, and the speed at which we accomplish this change has real and lasting implications for future generations of life on this planet. It is a revolutionary act to change our minds to fully realize our unity, change our actions to be in accord with this realization, and to reset our bio-routers to transmit a strong signal of oneness instead of adding to the chaos of divisiveness. As more and more people switch to the channel of planetary perspective and broadcast a signal of common concern and compassion, the signal becomes stronger and it becomes easier it is for others to do the same. Truth is on our side in this, the future is on our side in this, we are all on our side in this, as the reality of the situation is that there are no separate sides, we are all in this together and now must realize this fact, then think and act accordingly. The central “cord” in the word “accordingly” means “heart”, so it essentially means with the heart. Think and act accordingly.

 Will rightly speaks to the illusion of our division in our current evolutionary lesson. Even in our warring nature, we are united. The fact is that all these different warring factions are mirror images of one another. Jesus Christ puts it that way, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Or, in another reframe, “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Will is right, there is a spiritual revolution sweeping the world. It’s all over the place if we open our eyes.

This revolution is holographic. By holographic I mean the part mirrors the whole. If you take a 3-D or holographic picture, and you smash the plate containing that picture; what you’ll find is that every part contains the whole picture.

The notion of a holographic universe is spoken to in the physics of David Bohm who had done some work with Einstein and other big wigs in the field. In many ways, this theory supports biologist James Lovelock’s notion that Gaia, the Earth, operates as a singular organism. In essence, through all the evolution of all the various parts, the planet developed an atmosphere in which plants emit oxygen, which we mammals breathe in. We then breathe out carbon dioxide, which the trees breathe in.

The planet is a unitary system in which all the parts function for the sake of the whole. As Jesus Christ is said to be here for the sake of the world, then so are the trees…..and, in turn, so are we!

 You can see the same process occurring in some of the “big thinkers” of this planet. For example the work of a man by the name of Charles Eisenstein, who is a future guest on Envision This!, a blog talk radio show that my wife and I co-host. Eisenstein’s work mirrors a holographic movement across that planet that is confronting the current top-down power structures while fostering a more organic and participatory process between people and planet.

And, I would state, he is but one cell in a growing body functioning in unity.

In many ways the process is akin to psychiatrist Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity. In essence, synchronicity says that life is synchronized in its evolution. As the body en utero has cells communicating and “turning on” instructions for becoming the necessary parts of the body, we are in a teamwork atmosphere with all of life on this planet in evolving a healthy planet.

 We are not RULERS of this planet. We are participants in its process.

 It is this participatory nature that we must nurture. We can no longer afford, for ourselves or for the rest of life, to remain in a culture that thrives on control and domination. It is time that we give the proverbial finger to the Patriarchal and dominating Adam while reclaiming our power.  

Division is not aside from unity as reflected in the United States motto, “E pluribus unim,” meaning in the many one. Unity is not distinct from diversity and diversity is what helps unity to function as a whole. Could you imagine what we would look like if we only grew liver cells?

In a sense, the standardization process of our current western culture embraces the standardization of life. For example, we often have children being taught to a test. The function of this is a standardizing of educational objectives. We have a one shoe fits all mentality in this regard.

Yet, the epistemological roots of the term religion is the French religere, meaning “to unfold.” Education is not indoctrination into the corporate power structure. Education is an evolutionary potential inherent in a human being or other creature.

It is interesting regarding this notion that Christ in mystic Christianity is the evolutionary potential of all creatures, including us hairless monkeys or people. Does standardized education truly unfold a child’s potential? Or is the function of standardization about getting a child under control for the sake of the “Bosses” of this planet?

This is evolution thwarted. And if you ascribe to the notion that Christ is the evolutionary potential of all creatures, then what is anything that runs counter to the unfolding of potential?

 I have posted this cartoon before, but I want the message reinforced:


Is this cartoon revealing that education as practiced allows for a child’s Psyche to evolve? Or, is it doing the opposite?

What this cartoon reveals is the control and domination ethos. Power is thus projected from the external. However, in the evolving of a fetus within the uterus, it evolves from the inside out, from center to periphery.

Indeed, the development of the fetus follows the process of Genesis 1 of the Bible. Consider the following film:

As the movie states, how we develop as fetuses mirrors the creation of the universe. The process of Genesis is eternally here and now. Genesis is NOT a movement of times past. It is this moment of my typing and thinking this out and your reading and saying “this guys full of it!”

Kidding aside, hope you get the idea.

 Genesis is the beginning of this moment. Tapping into the place of being deconditioned (becoming virgin in the New Testament, Marie means Sea or Ocean or Undifferentiated Matter. The virgin birth of the New Testament ultimately mirrors Genesis 1:2).

The implications for this are profound. Thus in the various virgin birth stories of antiquity the Divine Child is sought out to be murdered. This included Jesus Christ who went into hiding with his Mother.

Again, remember, the Virgin is an unconditioned mind while the Christ is the production of that unconditioned mind. Can you see why Christ is a threat to the powers that be?

If you are unconditioned in the essence of your being; then you have infinite potential within you. Can you see that from this perspective Genesis, upon deep understanding and meditation; is not in times past. Genesis is this moment of my writing and your reading. Prior to writing this piece, I was in a virgin state of no-thingness. I was as I was when I was not. Or as Sophia said in a dream I had in the 90’s, “Be as you were in the beginning.” In the beginning is our virgin state of mind. It is our minds in an unconditioned state.

Thus, the Virgin Mind: that which is beyond conditioning, is spoken of in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching when he sings, “be newborn, be free of yourself.” Or as Christ said in watching an infant nurse, “Be like him.”

 So, what happens to the kids in the cartoon above if they become deconditioned? What of the little boy desiring to get the hell out of the classroom and go outside? Is he at-risk for crucifixion either psychologically or spiritually?

 What are your experiences that relate you to the little boy?

 Do you see how YOU are the Never Ending Story as written by Michael Ende? This story entails the knowledge that the reader reading the story IS the story being read.

 Is the story of Christ any different? As one Christian mystic named Goethe put it, “Of what use Gabriel your message to Marie less you provide that message to me.”

 “Glory, Glory the Lord Thy God is within.”   Within who? Within you.

 Now, take this further.












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