Beyond the Conditioned Mind: Reflections on the Wisdom of Will Bason

Empowerment By and For All

 Disorder rules modern day. Or, should I reframe and say, “control and domination rule?” Well, we should add manipulation to the equation. How DO you get people to engage in mind numbing activities such as shop-till-you drop campaigns? What goodie are you providing to those consumerists caught up in a rat race. What keeps them running the treadmill for a small parcel of food?

 What keeps us stuck?

 Will Bason writes on this topic in a post to Facebook:

I’m one, you’re one, we’re all one, and we need to act like one. The realization of our essential oneness, and the overcoming of any egotism, religious doctrine or nationalism that perpetuates the illusion of our division is our current evolutionary lesson.

 This is the central reality of the spiritual revolution that is now sweeping the world, and the speed at which we accomplish this change has real and lasting…

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