What Is Your Dream of the Future?

This is a blog regarding “Sophia’s Web.” Enjoy! It was fun putting some of the reviews up. these reviews will be on the book’s site and back cover. Whatever. Communication, be it in writing or talking is a form of lovemaking. “Ah, tickle my fancies with thy tongue of fire!” Writing is purely sexual, when you get to the heart of it…..even verbal conversation is a form of intercourse!!!! Why else would we conceive an idea based on a reading, a sigh, or even an intense conversation? Life is an ongoing perpetual act of love making. For the poet, his or her favorite line is: “O’ tickle my fancies with thy tongue and send me to heights unattained by any woman before me!”

Envision This! Media

What is your vision of the future?


Wasteland Wasteland



OR, That?

nude on beach

permaculture-garden  adam-eve1

I will soon be publishing and promoting my book, Sophia’s Web, which was co-authored with my wife, Meredith.  The personal experiences in the book are mine.  Merry in essence helped me to clarify the writing as well as offering some really great ideas.

HEY, she has a PhD in English and I once sent an English teacher, who upon reading my writing broke into tears and ran out crying saying “This is horrible.  I can’t take it anymore.”  Never saw her again.

Kidding aside.   We are inviting you to make a contribution to this mission through helping us publish and promote our book Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.  Obviously, we also want you to read the book.  This is where our humanity shines through.  You are important to us AND you are…

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