Franncis Moore Lappe Cultivates the EcoMind on Envision This!

this was a great interview for Merry and I on Envision This

Empowerment By and For All


The “Gaia (Earth) Hypothesis” states the planet operates as a singular organism. In order to wrap your head around what Lovelock is saying, let’s meditate on fetal development.

A fetus in essence builds himself. He does so through an interaction of the parts. Each cell in his body contains the knowledge for all cells. What that cell becomes is in relationship to the needs of the whole. If a heart cell is needed, then a particular cell becomes that heart cell.

It is important to contemplate the ramifications of the notion of a fetus building himself. Where does Wisdom truly lie? Is Wisdom in the fullness of Her being within our rational minds? Or is She in the fullness of Her being in Nature? Who truly built you if not your Self? Now, I’m not speaking to your ego self, the self you falsely identify with (that rational part…

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