Absolute Nothingness

What is revelations if not the exposure of who you truly are? The exotic dances, strip-tease, belly dance, etc are, ultimately, dances of revelation. They are the exposure of our Spirit, our Nature, our true Essence. Dare you become comfortable in the Essence of who you are? Is this God? Yahweh, the Hebrew I AM, Brahmin, the Hindu Self….or….how about Nature, meaning Essence. Whoa! Nature and God one?

Empowerment By and For All


Something strips
Herself of what matters
And becomes nothing.

Nothing is the goal to behold
Of the cosmic stripper
For The Word
Truly is The Verb

Embracing The Verb
Is knowing The Word
For All embraces Nothing
And Nothing embraces All.

Why else, dear questor
Would whole, hole and holy be only one word?

I found the below link after posting my morning meds for Sophia’s Web on Facebook. Take it off Baby! God, how that has a poetic fling to it! Stripping, belly dance, etc are actually spiritual dances that speak to the revelation of Truth. The woman dressed is Nature as creature, the woman revealed is Nature as Essence.Who is Nature if not Yahweh, I AM and Brahmin, the Self in Hindu? Take it off and be who you are by Nature by God!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOW6IeG_Bs4. Now let me get the meds! Dude! I want my meds!…

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