The Quest of the Question?


Daughter of the Earth

Daughter of the Earth

Written in 2009

Who are you?


A girl?

Or, a boy?

Or a bit in between?


Is your magic mirror

Shining forth,

the mysterious dark void of Her eyes


Is Her blood red lips,

Forming, birthing and shouting…

…in their deathly silence,

the glistening light of

Something less than Nothing and All?


Are you a girl that likes boys

Or a boy who likes girls

Or are you a boy who likes boys

Or a girl who likes girls?


Rid yourself of ‘ors’…

Use Mom’s magic mirror

containing all Gods

that speak your truth.


Is She one or many?

Does there have to be an “or” or an “either?”

Could it all be a dance

Where Lovers twirl in ecstasy?!


What is normal?

what isn’t?

Is the answer to “no”…“yes!”

And the answer to “yes”….”no?”


Is it all the dance of Love?

The spinning thrills of the Gods?

Questions only your heart can decide…

Not any book or philosophy.


Not even this one.

Beware the one who says he has the answers


Follow your heart

She is smarter than your head

The woman in you knows

How relationships embed.


This dance of love is what we will explore

Together, we shall see

How stars, birds, bees and coconut trees came to be


And….more importantly,

We shall see the Mother of Thee.



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