Sophia’s Web: A Book to Heal Our Wounded Nature


Sophia’s Web:

Taken from Yahoo! Pictures

Child Labor




A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature

 By Burl Benson Hall

With Merry Stetson Hall

The image above is by Pamela Matthews. It is an image we will be using for the front cover for Sophia’s Web. What are your thoughts? How does the image feel for you? And, the subtitle, “A Passionate Call to Heal our Wounded Nature?” The subtitle is a piece I’d REALLY love your feedback on.

In our upcoming appeal for funds, we will be offering some copies of this picture at a certain level of support. Yes! Yes! The picture will be autographed by Pamela!

Who is this Sophia? Let me speak from a time past, sometime in the 1990’s. This poem erupted from within me as I wrote the old version of Sophia’s Web, which was subtitled, Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science and Ourselves. OK, OK, the subtitle sucked from a marketing viewpoint. GIVE ME A BREAK, OK!? I was in my early 40’s and still very immature. I still am very immature, and getting more so with every passing day!

OK, so back then I was still very much caught up in the scientific and academic way of communicating in scientific fashion. But, then the poetry, the non-rational “girly” stuff was coming through. True, joy-full labor looks like this for me:

Beyond this world of time and space

Sophia stands alone…

Complete and whole unto Herself.


Sophia is not anything or anybody.

She just is!


Or, perhaps, She is not?


Sophia strikes this “is” and “is not” together,

They blend together as one.

Negative marries positive

As the female takes in the male


Beyond this primal swirling ecstasy,

Sophia exists peacefully as pure unconditioned existence

The Essence, or Nature, of all that is.


In Her Nature

Sophia, Undivided Awareness

No thought,

Nor conceptualization

Can touch or fragment Her


Eternally virgin

Sophia is Marie

Infinite and Uncreated Ocean

Where we find our heart’s rest


Is there anyone out there

Who can conceive,


Or grasp

Infinite Life

Infinite Being and

Infinite Wisdom?


In Her ground,

Sophia is nothing at all.

She, the primordial Abyss

Exists before God


Though She is nothing,

She is the All shining forth

as the end of time

existing now, here eternal.


Can you go there?


The end of time

This realization of Her

is Ananda

or Sophia

or even Marie


Call this what you will

For Sophia in marriage

Is the nameless Tao.


Why nameless?

Because She is Mother of the Word

Beyond thoughts and conceptualizations

She…the undivided Brahman

To Whom thought returns to naught.

The name Sophia means Wisdom. I see the process of Nature as Wisdom. Sophia is the Way of Nature and Nature is the Self. Who is Nature? Nature means birds, bees and coconut trees, right? “Yes, and it also means essence.” My Nature is my Essence! Thus, the Lord Thy God in Hebrew texts is named “Yahweh,” meaning I AM. I AM is the Self? Then there is Brahmin in Hindu, whose name literally means “The Self.” Nature means Essence. Brahmin is the Self. And, Yahweh is I AM!


And we have corporations doing this?

(From Yahoo Pictures)

Oh, boy. Wait till Mommy sees this one! Someone’s gonna get it!

Seriously, what kind of mindset is mirrored in this image? Is it one of abundance? Or is it one of poverty?

What say you?



One thought on “Sophia’s Web: A Book to Heal Our Wounded Nature

  1. Reblogged this on burlhall and commented:

    Dare we move beyond the scarcity or scare city techniques of the corporations which serve in disempowering us? Dare we reclaim our Nature, which is our Power? Is “Sophia’s Web,” a book that will soon be released a help towards this end? Perhaps you may want to look at this blog…even with the mistakes in it. (OK, so I’m not a computer whiz! I’m working on it, I’ll get it down….maybe in 10 years?).

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