Reclaiming Wholeness

This is my first blog on WordPress.  My thrust in this blog is to foster a sense of wholeness in the world.  My major way of doing this is through writing.  I oftentimes post to OEN News, but want to use this blog to talk about my upcoming book, Sophia’s Web: Reclaiming Wholeness in a Divided World.  For those who are interested in knowing about the interrelations of the various religions on this planet to science, philosophy and the workings of Nature, then this will be a blog you will want to follow.  And, Sophia’s Web will be a book you will want to read.

In past editions, people have been happy with the book, though some say it was hard to understand.  Still others said it initiated dreams.  Still others were thrilled at seeing how the book ties together the various, often warring, factions of religion, philosophy and politics.  It also discusses gender and sexuality in relationship to cosmic process, or what Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching calls the Way.  The Way is not something to follow as in a church teaching.  It is, simply, the way the universe and you work.  Indeed, it is a good practice to try and instill the idea that when a spiritual person talks of the Way, he is not talking about an ideology.  He is talking about Process.  And, as Lao Tzu knew, the Way was the interaction or intercourse of yin and yang.  This is all interactions, including this writing and your reading.

So, you are reading this, absorbing light waves into your eyes and conceiving this page.  In your conception, you are functioning in a “Yin” or feminine role while my words, being seminal, are functioning in a “Yang” or masculine role.  This is simply the Way.

Could Sophia’s Web be a catalyst to peace?  I believe it can.  But, what I believe isn’t as important as what you believe.  The world is in your hands, as well as mine.  Dare we work together in bringing forth peace on Earth, I will utilize this blog to give updates on the book, as well as put forth some of my videos regarding my work.  



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