The Dance of Maria Sophia

The name Sophia literally means Wisdom.  Sophia is one with Marie, meaning Ocean.  The Ocean is undifferentiated Matter, and in that undifferentiated Matter, there are potentials.  Thus, the reader reads this and I write these words.

In the picture above, we have solidity above Sophia Maria in Her dance (undifferentiated matter).  The dance below Sophia-Maria is in the Waters (Marie=total unity) that splashes (differentiation, the Male) and fosters individual water drops.

Diversity is Unified and Unity Diverse!

Thus, during intercourse, the male fosters many in terms of sperms.  Women, overall, foster one egg during their period.  The Feminine is more of a unity.  Unity is necessary to realize that all is one and what we do to one we do to many.  Thus, diversity and unity are necessary for our world.

In the picture above Sophia, there are no splashes.  By Her dance, the unified Ocean (Marie) sparks the splash of creation.  The unity fosters diversity and diversity fosters unity!

Thus the sentence, “All for One and One for All!”

Burl and Meredith Hall are authors of “Sophia’s Web:  A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.”  The book is on Amazon.  Burl has also written on Oped News.  Burl and Merry live in a senior citizen apartment complex.  At this point, Burl and Merry wants to help foster peace and understanding.  In “Sophia’s Web” Burl and Merry wrote in such a way in which the various religions become a unified diversity.


There’s A New Story Being Born

Let there be Wisdom, Intelligence, Love, Peace, Understanding that fosters a healthy world, healthy people, healthy animals, healthy atmosphere, healthy children, and healthy parents. Let there be love, peace, wisdom and understanding.

Empowerment By and For All

via There’s A New Story Being Born

We are in deep, deep trouble.  Our politicians are under the thumb of corporations….which are owned by those like Donald Trump, the Rothchilds, etc.  Our horror emerged at the time of “Adam and Eve.”  At this point, we need a new story.

What do you think?  You’re empowered in the “New Story.”

Are you ready?

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There’s A New Story Being Born

via There’s A New Story Being Born

We have had several thousands of years of conditioning.  In that conditioning, we appear to be under the thumbs of the culture.

What has the culture decided after the past 10,000 years (give or take some).  It is time that we get out of the old story.

What do you see?  Can you foster empowerment within yourself?  Where do you wish to go?  Or do you just continue complaining about the state of our world?    Where do you stand?

The Sensuous Horrifying Language of Mythology in Awakening

Regarding mythology, I have heard people say, “Oh, its just a myth”.  “Just a myth?” I wonder!  I don’t see it that way.  I do not fit into a Senior Citizen’s level class of the conventionally conditioned mindset.   I never was one who was happy with B.F. Skinner’s notion of our being conditioned robots who are addicted to rewards and, with some, punishment.

Hey, some people love a firm spanking from time to time. It turns them on sexually.  Whatever floats your boat.  Just don’t dump it on me.  I’m not into being spanked.  Love and intimacy is for me, not torture chambers!

The old rock band U2 spoke beautifully to my thesis when they sang in Sunday, Bloody Sunday, “And it’s true we are immune; When fact is fiction and TV reality”

I do disagree a little bit with their logic, while also saying “its not that black and white, guys.”   Fiction can actually be very true at its core.   And, yes, I love the song. If you know Bono or the Edge, send them this article.

Lets consider the Dracula or Vampire story.  Obviously, most of us do not believe in literal vampires.   I am about to tell you the story is for real.  Perhaps Bono or “The Edge” will read this?  Fiction and Non-Fiction are married as one.  Fiction (the Yin, e.g., creativity) is Fact (Yang, e.g., logic).

If you know Bono and/or The Edge, send him this article!  I would love to know their response. 🙂

Lets consider our lifestyles and industries.  What are the consequences of their being to the environment?  What are we doing to our environment by using fossil fuels?  Isn’t the goal of a corporation is to foster unlimited profits?  Isn’t never ending growth the definition of a cancer?  Yes, it is.  Cancer is growth gone wild.

Are we cells in a cancerous tumor?  Is this a reason cancer is so prevalent in our culture?  I’m not arguing on a literal level.  I am thinking metaphor, which

Epistemologist Gregory Baetson referred to as the language that connects. 

And what is a vampire’s quest?  Isn’t it about suck the life’s blood out of its victim?   Old Dracula will suck you dry!   He’s got to have more, you know.  I wonder about why vampires can’t come out in the daytime.  Is that because they can’t take the “sunshine of Truth?”  How does that fit into our politicians and corporations?  Have you ever been around a person who was “sucking you dry?” How many of us work several hours per day to make our money?  I realize I’m overgeneralizing, and their are businesses that are caring about their consumers and workers.  So, please realize that I realize I am speaking a fallacious argument.

The beauty of myth is to speak in metaphor.  Anthropologist and and systems theorist, Gregory Baetson, stated that metaphor is a language that connects.  Thus speaks to connections, Baetson asks the reader, What pattern connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose and all the four of them to me?  And me to you?

What connects you, the reader, to me the writer?  How does Baetson’s words connect to these words I am writing, to my readings, and the reader’s interest or lack thereof in what I am saying.   How will reading this affect you?   Will you dump it and forget it?  Well you share it?  Do you love it?  Do you hate what I’m saying?  Do you sometimes feel alienated?  Why do we humans oftentimes feel alienated?  Are we out of touch with Nature, both within and without us?

What shall we do about it?  Scare Dracula with a cross, a sign of holiness?  A wooden dagger in the monster’s chest?  Or do we simply stop being sexually excited by the monster’s quest for your lifeblood.

As a consumer nation, aren’t we all sucking the blood of the Earth?

Who are the vampires in your life?  Who sucks your energy? The government, your husband or wife?  Your next door neighbor?  Your boss?

Why do we continue sticking our necks out to have our blood sucked dry?

How do we get off this “Merry Go Round”?  “Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows!”   Lets get past this going nowhere!   “Let there be human evolution” shall be our quest.  What does that look like to you?







Nature, Yahweh, and Brahma: Are These One With the Reader?

Yes! I answer to the question posed above.  Yahweh and Brahma are considered God.  And Yahweh means I AM while Brahmin means the Self.  Most people don’t think of Nature as God.  Yet, Nature means Essence.  Thus Mother Nature is one with God.  Is Nature the Bride of Christ, i.e., one with Him?  I say, “yes.”

How would that belief affect our polluting of the atmosphere?  Are Mother-Father God coughing due to our treatment of the atmosphere?  In accordance to what I just said, the answer is “yes.”

Lets get deeper.

God in the Hebrew, Muslim and Christian traditions is named “Yahweh.” The name literally means “I AM”.  In Hindu, Brahman is known as the Self.  And what are you?  Are you not your Self?  Isn’t your Self your Nature, i.e., Essence?  Who are you if not I AM?

How does that affect the idea of “God up there” and we “down here?”  Is the Earth alongside the entire cosmos one?  Is that God.  Meditate on the term universe.  Lets break it down, Uni-Verse.  Well!   What does that tell you? That the universe is both unified and diverse?

In the Bible’s Genesis 1:27, it is said God created Adam male and female, male and female created (S)He them.  Interestingly, in Genesis 2, we wind up with Eve being secondary to Adam.  Indeed, Eve came from the rib of Adam.

Why the disparity between the two?

To speak to this question, lets move on to Genesis 2.  In this chapter, God creates Adam, i.e., Man.  This contradicts Genesis 1:27!   In chapter 2, it appears God and humanity had divorced, or murdered, His Wife, His second half.  Thus He made Adam.  Then He saw that Adam was lonely and made Eve from His rib.

Genesis 1 actually speaks to the Tao.  The Tao is realized in the “Yin” (female) and “Yang” (male) symbol.  In essence, Tao is closer to Genesis 1:27 than it is to Genesis 2.

So what happened?

Genesis 2 reflects a time in history in which humanity was moving from hunting/gathering cultures and becoming farmers.   This is the reason God curses us and boots us out of Eden, a place of innocence.  We thus had to labor in pain. This curse is not only for Eve, who tempted Adam into eating the apple, the fruit of knowledge.  The curse is on Adam and ultimately all of us.  Thus, the curse continues.  We are all Adams and Eves and we are creating it.

Did you know that if you don’t believe in a curse, you will not be cursed anymore?  When you hear an external curse on you, or internal, then you foster the manifestation of the curse.  Our thoughts and belief systems have landed us in a Hell on Earth!  Don’t blame it on God or Nature. God and Nature keeps saying, “you fools are doing this to yourself and the consequences will be natural.”  For this act, we are damned and are swimming in an Ocean of toxins.  Thus we have global warming and presidents such as Donald Trump.  These too are toxic.  What is Trump if not a manifestation of Adam’s (Man’s) arrogance.  And I’m not negating Hilary on this one.  She too is THE MAN!

Who is creating the destruction of the planet through pollution, constant wars, alienation, spousal abuse and other arenas my readers may speak to?  So, don’t blame this on the Universal God.  We caused it our self. So, lets take responsibility to get out of it!

We also hire psychopathic thugs to “rule over us”.  They are our Gods these days.  Yes, I am saying corporations and the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Rothchilds and Adolf Hitler are psychopaths.  By using the word psychopath, I mean they care only about themselves and don’t give care about you, the environment, your children, and future generations.  What they want is power and money.  Meanwhile, money isn’t based on anything, as such we are living in a “Matrix” environment.   We are living within a hallucination. Or, if you’d rather, we are living a lie!  Being known as a liar is better. Its more to the point.  Let’s not mince words!

The curse of Genesis 2 is what started all of this.  In saying this, I don’t ditz God and Goddess.  Indeed, they are our Nature.  I am saying the responsibility is you, me, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and the reader.  We have cursed ourselves.  A curse, even if it is from some jealous God, continues only if we believe in it.  We did it to ourselves.  Thus, we need to take responsibility.

I don’t even care if you are an atheist.  What is an atheist if not a being who is a-theistic, meaning not full of theories or theism.  As Goethe states, “Give them the stone of Sophia (Wisdom) and you’ll find philosophy gone, and what’s left?  The Stone!”

This is why Christ says to many skeptics, “if you so say.”  My question to the reader is what are you saying and isn’t it time to change your mind?  Yes, I am saying we need to change ourselves.  We need to put our big boy and girl pants on and take responsibility.  We can’t place our responsibility on government, church, corporations, etc.  We need to become partners in Nature’s Process, or what the Tao Te Ching calls the Way.

The Way?  Doesn’t that make God more of a verb than a noun?

The state of our current world was spoken to in the story of the Fall in Genesis 2,  We fell.  We lost contact with I AM, our Nature.

Are we doomed?   Hey, isn’t the Fall a season?  Doesn’t Fall happen prior to Winter.  Are we in Winter now?  My answer is yes.  Look at the decimation of the planet that we have created.  In body, mind and spirit, we have fallen from Grace, meaning we have become and are fostering a dead planet. We are in the throngs of winter.

The destruction and death of the planet mirrors our destructive behaviors, thoughts and belief systems.  We are killing the planet and ourselves.  But be cool, everything ends.  Chill out about it!

Isn’t it time we fostered Spring?  Imagine the drastic change we need to engage in for this to happen.   How would we start it.  I’ve begun the conversation, and admit, I don’t know.  I can grasp the problem and speak to it.  I do realize we need to stop believing in the Biblical curse that man will rule over woman.  Curses only work if we believe in them.

What kind of God would stop us from getting out from under a curse?  A Republican God?  Or a Democrat?  Or how about those damn socialists!  No! I say.  Its us!

I agree with John Lennon who sings in the song, “Revolution” “Well, you better free your mind instead.”  Damn hippie!  He was right.  Was that why he was assassinated? What will happen with you, me, and the world if we began an evolution while getting beyond revolutions.

We can’t keep going about in circles, now can we?






MuseWorthy Quotation: We Cannot Live in a …

Great, empowering piece, Thanks, Jamie

Sophia's Children

Hildegard of Bingen (The Catholic Catalogue). Hildegard of Bingen (The Catholic Catalogue).

“We cannot live in a world that is not our own, in a world that is interpreted for us by others.

An interpreted world is not home. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, to use our own voice, to see our own light.”

~ Hildegard von Bingen, Benedictine Abbess, Writer, Musician, Mystic, Doctor of the Church … & so much more (1098 – 1179)

How to “take back our own listening, to use our own voice, to see our own light”?

Read on for this inspiration on coming home to the truth of our being (St. Hildegard makes an appearance in this musing, & you’ll find links to more inspiration, too)  …

Home and the Radar of your Heart

Gain an experienced & compassionate ally and navigation guide to quicken & focus your progress home to your Self:


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In Memoriam: Katelyn Nicole Davis by Stephanie Arel

Powerful and horrible post regarding depression and suicide with a youth who hung herself.

On December 30, 2016, Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12-year-old girl from Cedartown, Georgia filmed her suicide by hanging from a tree in her front yard. Recorded live, the video has gone viral. Alarmingly, a young girl’s succumbing to death logged on the Internet clamors recognition of an existence she felt helpless to bear alone. Reported in her blog, abuse and sexual assault tainted her young existence. As a result, her perception of her own isolation, her articulated sense of worthlessness, and her shame motivated a trajectory toward death, demonstrating what is at stake when these crimes go unrecognized.

Much effort has been made to remove Katelyn’s suicide video from on-line circulation, but the electronic footprint she left on cyber-world proves nearly impossible to erase. The recording corroborates experiences detailed in her hauntingly designated blog “Diary of a Broken Doll.” Suggesting the core of how she understood her place in the…

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Awakening to Evil: Can We Foster Our Empowerment.

Our key to getting beyond politicians and corporations is to empower ourselves. How does that fit in our spiritual practice?

Empowerment By and For All

I believe there are people awakening to the evil that has taken over this world, i.e., Trump, Hilary, Congress, Supreme Court, etc.

Our comatose living has been our reality for at least the past 4-8 thousand years (i.e., the beginning of civilization). Its about all of Nature that we bow to, and that includes OUR Essence.   Essence, in turn, speaks to the Lord with the name Yahweh (I AM, Hebrew)) and Brahmin (The Self, Indian).

Thus Jackie and Jack’s essence is her Self. This is actually the meaning of belly dances and striptease…..these dances are spiritual and are meant to reveal who we truly are in our essence. Women are mostly those who strip, but who is fundamental to our birth if not women? Could the striptease or belly dance speak to all of us?

It is time for an evolution, not a revolution. A revolution keeps us stuck…

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